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Purchases, Sales and Searches related to art works

- Assistance in operations of purchase and sale, brokerage in transactions on behalf of third parties.

- Representation for the purchase and sale of works of art

- Representation at Auction Houses


Managing Collections

- Consulting services for the formation of a new collection or for the improvement and expansion of an existing one

- Creation of databases for the management of the collection and subsequent cataloguing, done with modern digital supports for correct management and constant updating relative to each individual work of art

- Assistance in the shipment of works of art.

- Consultation on the inheritance of collections.

- Assistance for exporting and importing works of art.

- Marketing.

- Requalification of collections


Appraisal and promotion of works and collections

- Inclusion of the works in the specialized press, archives and catalogues, participation in exhibitions and shows, temporary loans to museums.

- Consulting services for the issuance of certificates of authenticity by archives, foundations and experts of reference for each artist.

- Creation of monitored archives and deposits

- Inspection of the state of preservation

- Restoration

- Framing

Expert Appraisals

- Appraisals with in-depth historical-artistic research and market analysis.

- Consulting services for issuance of authentication and expertise by scholars and organizations at the international level.


Interior and Exterior Decoration

- Research and acquisition of objects for the decoration of offices, reception areas and institutional headquarters.

- Commissions to artist for works for interiors and exteriors.


Consulting Services

- Personal art consultant

- Investment in art funds

- Determination of the fair value of artistic property in accordance with the new international accounting criteria.

- Inspection of works of art prior to purchase

- Plans of acquisition

- Control of authenticity and dating through historical-critical analysis and scientific testing.



- Organization of meetings and conferences on the subject of art, involving some of the most renowned experts in the sector.

- Consulting services for the publication of art catalogues; management of the contacts with publishing companies and printers; selection of curators; drafting of content for publication.

- Commissions for public works 

- Architectural and urban projects

- Establishing foundations.

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