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Collecting art is a unique experience that combines esthetic pleasure and the thrill of owning beautiful possessions with the excitement of economic investment. The acquisition of works of art is an interesting opportunity to diversify investments, encouraging beauty and culture. Our mission is to offer informed, discrete support. We work alongside the client to suggest concrete solutions for different aspects of the management and promotion of a single piece or an entire collection.

Art is, to all effects, an alternative class asset, and is increasingly viewed as a valid diversification of investment with rules that have grown very similar to those of other types of investment. The art market offers interesting opportunities worth exploring. In order to approach it with the goal of investment, however, it is essential to understand clearly the dynamics that influence a highly particular business sector that, without adequate preparation, can reveal insidious complexities.

With solutions made to measure, and collaborating with the most important players on the market of the domestic and international art world, we will guide you in all the activities that meet your needs, even to handling the aspects of a legal and fiscal character, as well as insurance, and those of a logistic nature such as custody, restoration, shipment, customs clearance, etc. for the pursuit of two main goals:

  • on the one hand, protection and the increase in equity value of existing art assets

  • on the other, reduction and control of risks in the choice of new investments.

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